iTAC.MES.Suite Sequencing

Optimizing the production sequence is an important step in increasing productivity.The varying needs in body shell work, paint-shop, assembly and storage require an exact and optimal control of the sequence. To allow for quick modifications of the sequence, the modification process for rules has been made very intuitive.

The foundation for Dürr's iTAC.MES.Suite Sequence is based on long-term experience in planning and implementation of assembly and production lines.

This intelligent and flexible sequence optimization can be applied by production teams as well as management for daily control and to decrease reaction time to sudden changes.


  • Numerous models for the definition of individual rules (must have/request)
  • Optimization algorithm
  • Improvements of the workload with manual cycles (complex part assembly, extras etc.)
  • Improvement according to process restrictions (caliper- or color-change, logistical problems)
  • Preview lists with current dispatching sequence for body shell, paintshop and montage


  • Maximized Productivity: Optimized algorithm
  • Fast access: Easy and direct handling
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