Real-time information about process-parameters in production facilities is one of the most crucial components of modern businesses. A task-oriented analysis of production data will provide a clear and concise overview about optimization potential.

With iTAC.MES.Suite SCADA, Dürr supplies a solution that represents the gathered data in pre-arranged charts with an intuitive interface. Whether an employee needs to access this information at a machine or in the control room, real-time access is available.

iTAC.MES.Suite SCADA is the perfect tool for efficient production control, no matter which hardware is used. Within a short time all necessary information can be provided to the operator using drill-down functions. Alarm functions and overviews provide a quick reaction time thus avoiding costly down times. Maximum availability is ensured by the use of redundant servers.

The user management (single Log-On) defines individual rights on all computers of the system, creating maximum security.


  • Centralized disturbance record
  • Analysis of operation data
  • Production monitoring through KPI
  • Target orientation through monitoring


  • Reaction time: Reduction through transparent data analysis
  • Production efficiency: Target-oriented alerts and reduced downtime
  • Good availability: Server redundancy
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