iTAC.MES.Suite Quality

Modern quality management needs a complete overview of all quality data. The information needs to be provided on an integrative platform where it can be recorded and evaluated. Furthermore, all data has to be provided in real-time to be analyzed clearly.

With the user-friendly solution module iTAC.MES.Suite Quality, Dürr supplies a solution that allows all product related information for quality control to be recorded and analyzed. Besides quality documentation it also enables back tracing of plant functions.


  • Easy overview by structured recording
  • Different formats of data input
  • Connection to existing data sources
  • Paper based quality management with printer and scanner
  • Paperless management with touch screens
  • Vehicle quality data analysis
  • Process-quality data recording and analysis as well as monitoring of KPI's


  • Availability: All quality data in one view
  • Overview: Life cycle information
  • Optimisation: Trend analysis
  • Usability: Easy operation of the displays
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