iTAC.MES.Suite Management

In modern industries, monitoring the status of production as well as the efficiency of individual machines is combined into production management. 

An essential part of these systems is the real-time availability of indicators such as KPI.

With iTAC.MES.Suite Management, Dürr provides an ideal solution to managing a production process. The software is able to access data concerning the process and product in real-time, upon which it compiles it into a database. Throughout this process, classifications are established and continually updated to create the KPI. Using a uniform design with intuitive menus enables the user to find the right information quickly.

During the course of the process all sectors of the production are incorporated and compiled into convenient charts using Dürr's considerable experience in plant engineering. Since iTAC.MES.Suite is compatible with standard interfaces it can be used in conjunction with any system brand. iTAC.MES.Suite is flexible: Changes in the production environment can easily be reflected in the software by trained administrators rather than software experts.


  • Parameter und data for all areas
  • Process diagram in real-time
  • Custom-made KPI Charts
  • Consistent design


  • Costs-reduction: Individual KPI Charts
  • Material flow: Improvement through bottleneck analysis
  • Production efficiency: Structured alert overview
  • Quick overview: Consistent design for bodyshop and assembly
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