iTAC.MES.Suite Energy

Since energy contributes significantly to the cost of a product it is crucial to monitor it closely. iTAC.MES.Suite achieves this by creating a precise and detailed analysis of the largest consumers, such as a paintshop. Through selected monitoring of energy values, the consumption can be controlled thoroughly. 

Using iTAC.MES.Suite Energy customers can gain detailed control over their energy usage. The direct access to a central database enables users to view the evaluation of individual machines and summation of the factory in real-time. Furthermore, custom rules can alert management if values go outside of a predefined range. Using automatic switching processes the energy usage is directly reduced.


  • Monitoring to areas
  • Analysis and reference balance
  • Automatic switching by shift calendar
  • Appraisal and display of KPI's


  • Reduction of costs: Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Standardization: Consistent platform for all production areas
  • High actuality: Clear monitoring in real-time
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