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FAStplant® - The modular final assembly

FAStplant® is the response to questions for flexible and easily adapted final assembly.

With three basic modules - one simply for conveyor transport, another for the integration of handling equipment and a curved element - complete lines can be formed that can be extended, shortened or relocated just as easily. This is underlined by the fact that a fork lift truck is all that is needed to put the modules in place.


A modular overhead conveyor system transports each body through all work processes. Whether for simple assembly tasks requiring utilization of handling equipment, on-hanger chassis alignment or the very complex “marriage, all final assembly processes, from trim to testing, can be implemented with FAStplant®.

Benefits for youSelected references
  • Line can be extended, shortened or relocated flexibly
  • Flexibly adaptable to suit new vehicle models or mdel variants
  • 30% reduction in erection time as a result of pre- tested and pre-assembled modules
  • Independent of building and roof load restrictions
  • Simplified line arrangement
  • Ford, Cologne
  • GM, Mexico
  • BMW, Chennai (India)
  • Severstal, Elabuga
  • VW, Moselle
  • Toyota, F-Valenciennes
  • Daimler Sindelfingen


The single modules are produced standardized, consist of steel construction, conveyor equipment and supply of media.

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