A full range systems provider for paint shops and final assembly systems

Dürr provides unique and proven solutions to surface finishing quality: Dürr plans and executes full turnkey paint shops on all five continents. We familiarize ourselves with your process environment so as to implement customized, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions. 

Dürr's Ecopaint products and plants stand for innovation; the highest quality with a focus on the lowest operating costs along the entire process: from the surface preparation of the product through to the top coat painting and curing.


Functional and process oriented solutions to order: Dürr offers the know-how developed over the course of 1,500 advisory and planning projects.


Modular wet systems uniquely integrated to unite all components and modules into one total system.                                                         


Dürr oven systems for each stage along the painting line: for gelling, intermediate drying and drying processes.                                                     

Ecopaint Oven

Integrated paint booth concepts by Dürr: efficient paint application, efficient paint separation, high energy efficiency and lean processes.


Intelligent systems for conveyor transport and material flow for body-in-white production and in final assembly.                                                    

Final Assembly

Services & Solutions: Spare parts, training courses and plant optimizations as well as an all encompassing approach to the modernization and continuous improvement of existing plants.

Services & Solutions